Monday, November 9, 2015

Tangles and watercolor

     Interesting people always interest people.  Jared is a young man in 10 grade that has taken only a few  classes, one of which was the Beginner Class.  He has done beautiful intricate designs from the very first class he took.  Since I've met Jared he is definitely in the interesting category.  I think when you see some of his work it will boggle your mind to think what is in his mind.  It must be a very interesting place.  Below you will find some of his work that he completed in school.  His art teacher made special note of his creative work also.  
     I love the tangles he has chosen.....and he has combined them together with watercolor.   What a beautiful, mind blowing combination he has created!  Look how Muchin just is falling apart and the creative grid of Florz!  Zinger is peaking from the top and Betweed and Zander has exceptional pen and ink shading to create the pumpkin.  The color just explodes from the page to enhance the tangles.  This is exceptional creative work.  It draws the eye and then you pause as you marvel at the line work.  Great job, Jared!  You are definitely an interesting, talented person!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Renaissance Tile Flair

Next week I will be teaching a Renaissance tile class.  These little brown beauties have captured my heart.  I love the rich color and then all the possibilities that can be created because of that color.  I'm looking forward to the students that will come and play with those possibilities to see what they create.  It's all just so much goodness and blessings.  Here's some of the art I created recently that I have been exuding, oozing, spilling,'s just been erupting out of me!

Renaissance Tile Flair
 This class will be held next Sunday, November 8, at 4:00 to 6:00 at the Craft Shack Studio, 218 W Church Ave, Longwood, FL (407-448-1375).

To register for this class go to:

(You must have taken the Beginner's Class first.)