Entangled in Tangles

Entangled in Tangles

I sold Tupperware.  Why?  Because I loved it!  It kept my celery crisp, and other veggies.  I loved to hear the "burp" knowing my celery was all tucked in for a spell and would not go limp.  I loved Tupperware so much that I had to talk about it.  It amazed me, captivated me, and I loved it.  I could not stay quiet.  I had to tell other people so they too could have crisp celery.  I still love it, and I guess I'm still talking about it.

This is how I feel about Zentangle!  I'm amazed, captivated, and I love it!  It brings me my "zen!"  When I sit down to draw the world fades away.  One time I sat down to draw and my husband came in to ask how long I was going to be drawing.  I had just sat down so I was a little surprised.  I said something to that effect and he just laughed.  He pointed out that I had been drawing for over two hours.  Two hours!  Where had the time gone?  I was peaceful and relaxed…and focused.  I had been in my "zen."  

I was so excited to attend my first Zentangle class.  I had found one close to my home, had signed up, and then waited for the day to come.  I was in class early ready to go.  I met my teacher, Adele Bruno, and the other students attending that day.  The first drawing went wonderfully.  I couldn't believe I had created that piece!  The second drawing was where disaster struck.  I must not have listened well and I had a gapping white hole where a beautiful tangle should have been.  Devastated I confessed my error. Adele just smiled knowingly and said, "There are no mistakes in Zentangle."  That philosophy is carried on throughout the Zentangle® method.  And she was correct.  It turned out to be a beautiful tangle.  "Anything is possible one stroke at a time."

I need to teach tangles because I can not be quiet about them.  I love Zentangle!

Anything is possible one stroke at a time.