Welcome to Down the Rabbit Hole!   I invite you to come along with me on my journey into the creative side.  Each of us were born with creativity.  As a child we drew and colored.  We were amazed at all the colors in our box of crayons.  Most of us put up our box of crayons and tapped down our creative side as we became adults.  It shouldn't have been!

This is my artistic journey to take back that part I had put away.  I fell down a "Rabbit Hole" when I found Zentangle®.  It took over my life in such a wonderful and profound way.  I want to encourage and inspire you to find your creative child.  Come along with me as we explore Zentangle and other artistic pursuits.

With Zentangle, you can't make mistakes, only beautiful lines, swirls, circles, melted together into a creative piece of art you can be proud of.  The possibilities are endless.  In Zentangle it is said, "Anything is possible one stroke at a time."

This is my very first tangle!